Centering People and Equity First

Protecting Communities from Floods and Drought

Co-Existing with Wildfire

Equitably Addressing the Bay Area Housing Crisis

Harnessing the Power of Nature

The Resilience Playbook is your go-to guide for accelerating equitable adaptation to the climate crisis in the Bay Area. It offers a holistic approach to advancing solutions that address overlapping environmental, economic, and social challenges. The Playbook brings together curated strategies, recommendations, and tools to support local decision-makers and community leaders wherever they are in their journey.


You will find policies that strengthen the infrastructure of natural and working lands, uplifting nature-based solutions that absorb floodwaters, sequester carbon, protect our water supply, and provide buffers from wildfires.


The Greenbelt
Alliance Approach

We seek to harness the power of natural and working lands to not only advance climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also embed environmental justice to leave communities stronger than they were before while remediating historic harms. In developing a holistic approach to our challenges, we are employing solutions that seek to solve multiple issues at once.


Get Started:

The 5 Action Areas

Each action area covers challenges related to climate mitigation and adaptation, providing a background of the topic at hand and discussing some of the most pressing risks we face.

The Policy Matrix

Collection of best practices gathered from ambitious General Plans and Climate Action Plans across California, featuring policy recommendations from guidebooks and scientific papers that cover climate change-related challenges.

Implementing Climate Policies

Beyond the policy itself, this section tackles governance issues and gives recommendations to cities and counties on how to actualize the policy examples in the Playbook.


Thank You

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